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Acid Check caplets are currently out of stock.  However, Acid Check granules are in stock and available. 

We will announce when caplets are available again. Sorry for any inconvenience!



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About Us


AC Sports, Inc. was founded to deliver premium quality sports supplements, including Acid Check.  Our management team and Board of Directors includes professionals with experience in the retail, manufacturing, grocery, finance and marketing industries:

Gary Sandler
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Gary’s career has included roles in field sales management and corporate sales management at the Ralston Purina Company. As Director of Non-Grocery products, Gary developed an annual marketing/sales program for mass merchandisers, discount drugs, and wholesale clubs. He coordinated all elements of promotion and pricing and managed Ralston Purina’s largest account, Wal-Mart.
Gary was both the founding owner and Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Screamin’ Fruit Co., which sold a vitamin-fortified, 100% children’s juice drink packaged in cutting-edge, proprietary Tetra-Pak technology, with distribution at both Costco and Sam’s Club.

Most recently, as Chief Executive Officer with AC Sports, Inc., Gary accepted the challenge of business development with our Acid Check product, in the sports supplement category.
Gary is an avid runner and knows what a product like Acid Check means to the athlete.

Marc House

As President of AC Sports, Inc., Marc oversees a number of duties including Business Development and Marketing. Prior to joining AC Sports, Marc was the CEO of Expo Group, a financial data software firm, as well as founder of Vision Graphics, a graphic design and marketing agency.
Marc’s career has included development of software and data solutions for banks, mortgage and lending institutions, as well as marketing elements for a wide variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, consumer goods and healthcare.

Joel Farrell

Joel oversees financial activities and investor relations. Joel has been involved in corporate finance for six years, and is currently also with Fifth Third Bank.

Robert Burns, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Burns joined AC Sports, Inc. as Chief Scientific Advisor. Dr. Burns is a Formulation Consultant and President of Tamer Laboratories from 2005 to 2010, a Seattle-based supplement company dedicated to acid health. Dr. Burns also served as Chief Scientific Officer for pH Sciences from 2003 to 2005. He has directed numerous studies at Tamer Laboratories and pH Sciences analyzing relationships between pH balance, health, and athletic performance.
He has more than 40 years experience in research and product development, engineering management, operations, and general management for a number of successful Northwest companies. Dr. Burns can be contacted directly at 206-850-5987.

Sports Formula Body Acid Reducer - 1000mg Caplets
Acid Check Sports Formula Caplets Reduces an athlete's body acid and helps combat sports induced body acidosis.  100% alkaline mineral food ingredient formula. 3 sizes.

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Food & Beverage Acid Reducer Granules - 2oz & 6oz
Acid Check food and beverage acid reducing granules Reduces acids in foods, beverages and sports drinks. 100% alkaline mineral food ingredient formula.  2 sizes - 2oz & 6oz.

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