A new class of sports supplements, slow release mineral alkalizers, offer a safe, effective, and healthy path to peak performance.

By Dr. Robert W. Burns

Acid Check™ with Alka-Myte® and Magnesium, is a cutting-edge mineral alkalization sport supplement that helps serious athletes maintain proper pH balance, improve performance and speed recovery time. "Acid Check represents a new sports supplement category," says Dr. Robert Burns, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Advisor. "In fact, though it's in a new class, Acid Check is complimentary to most sports supplements currently available."

Dr. Burns explains that Acid Check utilizes a new category in addition to the six major categories of sports supplements that athletes currently have to choose: 1) Products that provide fuel/energy via carbohydrates, proteins and fats; 2) Products that replace electrolytes and trace minerals, which are necessary for sustained exercise, especially in warm weather; 3) Antioxidants that reduce or eliminate the free radical attack of body tissue, 4) Products, such as creatine, which replace amino acids to help build and repair muscles; 5) Legal stimulants, which are often caffeine-based and may provide short-term bursts of energy; and 6) Steroids and other anabolic agents, which are used to rapidly build strength but are either illegal or banned in most sports and represent various, often severe, health risks.

"Alkalizing agents are a seventh, new, supplement category," says Dr. Burns. "Specifically, mineral alkalization supplements, such as Acid Check, which help the body neutralize the acidic wastes generated by athletic activities." According to Dr. Burns, "Alkalizing agents are greatly under utilized by athletes, and much of what's available isn't effective for sustained pH management in athletes. That's where Acid Check is truly a breakthrough supplement. It's a mineral alkalization supplement that buffers tissue body fluid pH and is much more effective and healthful than other inorganic and organic alkalization substances due to its slow release in the intestinal tract."

Proper pH balance is key to good health and essential for athletic performance and recovery. As the exercising body metabolizes fuel it creates acid wastes and hydrogen ions build up in muscles. To sustain a healthy blood pH balance and prevent hydrogen ion buildup, acid wastes must be removed from the body or neutralized. When, because of diet, prolonged aerobic exercise, and/or aging, the body exceeds its natural ability to flush out or neutralize acid wastes, acid buildup –or acidosis – occurs. Endurance athletes have to be particularly concerned with maintaining healthy pH balance because they regularly place themselves under physical and dietary stresses that lead to performance-compromising pH imbalances, most commonly acidosis.

"Whatever your age or level of athletic intensity, healthy pH balance can mean the difference between greater athletic achievement and being brought up short by acid-related problems." says Dr. Burns. "Acid Check helps athletes maintain that essential pH balance. We believe it's the most effective alkalizing agent available today especially with its balance calcium to magnesium ratio of 2.7. We're hearing from champion endurance athletes and coaches who, as early adopters, are achieving extraordinary results using Acid Check. These results include eliminating or minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness [DOMS], faster recovery times, and greater performance. The response to date has been truly remarkable."

Acid Check is safe and legal, containing no steroids, stimulants, caffeine or sugars. All Acid Check ingredients are allowed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. For more product information or details about the Acid Check pilot test conducted at Seattle Performance Medicine in January 2006, visit www.acidcheck.com. or call 1-888-486-2135.