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Slow Release Acid Reduction for ATHLETES™

Combat Sports Induced Acidosis with our 100% Alkaline Mineral Supplement

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REDUCE ACIDITY in Blood, Cells, &Tissue.

The ACID √ Check™ Caplet with Alka-Myte® and added magnesium is a SLOW RELEASE caplet that, gradually dissolves (in about 1 hour and 30 minutes) throughout the digestive tract. This gradual release into the bloodstream ultimately reduces excess acid in an athlete’s body and fluids.

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REDUCE ACIDS in Food and Beverages

ACID √ Check™ Granules with Alka-Myte® are SLOW RELEASE granules that gradually dissolve (in approximately 30 minutes releasing the Alka-Myte® alkaline mineral formula.) When the granules are added to foods and beverages at the recommended dosage, they reduce 90% of strong organic acids.

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